The purpose of the preliminary studies is to allow the client to stop all of a civil engineering work; they have for object:

  • To specify the physical, economic and environmental constraints of the project,
  • To present one or more technical, architectural, implantation and insertion solutions in the landscape,
  • To compare the elements of the various solutions,
  • To indicate the time of realization,
  • To examine their compatibility with the projected financial envelope.

They are replaced by diagnostic studies for the rehabilitation of infrastructure works.

1 Sketch studies (ESQ)

The sketch makes it possible to stop the general of the work and to initiate the dialogue between the client and the project manager, before any more important study.

1.1 Diagnostic studies (DIA)

Indispensable before any decision by the client to undertake a rehabilitation or reuse operation.

2Pre-project studies

Pre-project studies for the building include:

  • Pre-project summary studies (APS)
  • Final pre-project studies (PDA)
  • And the establishment of the files of administrative authorizations (building permit)

  2.1The preliminary draft project (APS)

Appreciate the interior volumes and the external appearance of the structure, specify the schedule of realization and establish an estimate of the estimated cost of the works.

  2.2 The definitive preliminary project (APD)

It allows the project owner to definitively stop the program and to award works contracts.

Prior approval of Urbanism to all works and all construction projects.

  3 Project study

Project studies include all studies and general design plans required for separate body consultation.

They provide the framework for any variants with their minimum conditions of acceptance.

  4 Assistant to the client for the award of the works contract (s)


They concern calculations and plans that complete and specify project studies.

1. Execution study (EXE)

They take into account the technological methods of realization and are intended for the site.

1.1 Directorate of Performance of Works Contracts (DET)

It has five essential missions:

  1. Verification of compliance with the works contract
  2. The service order and site meeting
  3. OPC works
  4. Dispute assistance
  5. Financial management of works and control